Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Number Nine (Warm Ups Vol. 1.3)

Today is day nine of putting in a minimum of 30 mins of drawing warm ups. To be honest, I wasn't really in the mood for pencil work tonight. Actually I wasn't in the mood for anything, so I made myself draw anyway. It was either that or stare at the paint on the wall which has been dry for probably a decade. Doing the warm ups actually improved my mood by the time I was finished. How's that for beneficial side effects. Patrick Yurick suggested a new activity for honing one's mastery over time management, but I think I'm going to let that one be for a while. I'm not ready for it.

01.12 Day 7 - Anatomy Study from Complete Guide to Drawing

01.13 Day 8

01.14 Day 9


  1. This is great stuff, man! Keep killin' it!

  2. Hey Kevin! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words. Looking forward to more from you gurus over at MakingComics.com