Monday, January 27, 2014

Kindly Critiques (Warm Ups Vol. 1.7)

I've received my 15 minutes of fame. Again. But this is the first time fame was awarded on account of my pencil. In all actuality, I think it's more my recent new found commitment to using the pencil everyday than any actual display of skill or talent. Regardless, it's always nice to be recognized and the boys (Adam Greenfield and Kevin Cullen) over at were extremely generous with their evaluations. Go take a listen to their podcast(s). Very interesting and exciting stuff.

Podcast Trivia: I also happened to be the "mystery" poster who Patrick mentioned called the much anticipated upcoming Mooc a McMooc in one of my comments. Ninja podcast coverage! :)

Keep the pencil on the paper!
01.24 Day 19 - Freestyle Friday! Drew this with no reference using my Wacom Intuos and sketchbook Pro.

01.25 Day 20 - The Twenty! Anatomy study from Complete Guide to Drawing

01.26 Day 21 - Landscape study from Complete Guide to Drawing

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