Saturday, January 18, 2014

Double Digits! (Warm Ups Vol. 1.4)

I did it. I broke into the double digits of days of consecutive drawing. Time to celebrate. Please hold.

Woo woo.

Ok. Celebrating complete. Although I haven't missed a day of drawing, I managed to also have my first blog schedule slip, since this post should have come yesterday, not today (That didn't take long did it?). Not too big a deal, since very few people (if any) follow the blog. The real goal here is to keep drawing. The blog is secondary. I was already planning to shift my post schedule to the day after a 3 day chunk anyway, to make things a little more convenient. Mission accomplished!

Keep the pencil on the Paper!

01.15 Day 10 - A shoddy version of Brutus from The Bean

01.16 Day 11 - Anatomy study from Drawing Dynamic Hands

01.17 Day 12 - Anatomy study from Drawing Dynamic Hands


  1. Followers will come. Practice will ensure that. And it seems you've been doing that. Great job, Nether.

    I'm going to be recording the upcoming podcast this week and wanted to talk about you and your art and practice. I'm thinking of just gathering as much info and discussing it on the podcast but future ones I'd like to actually do a mini-interview. For now, though, I'd love to talk so we can get the word out about you and your progress. If you're still cool with that, hit me up at

  2. Sounds cool! Shooting you an email shortly. :) And thanks for stopping by.