Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is It Me Or Is It Getting Warm In Here? (Warm Ups Vol. 1.1)

2014 says it's time to dust this blog off and start posting more. making comics (that's a link.. not sure why the css isn't working for it) recently transformed into a new beast and the new team is producing great content. Very inspiring stuff. One of the articles recommended warming up with simple drawing exercises before attempting to create your "real" art. It's so simple yet brilliant. No need to stare at a blank page and think what can I possibly draw that will be worth posting? You just ease into it. I've adopted a little twist of my own. I plan to leave a spot in the middle of my warm up pages for a little sketch, once I've warmed up for roughly 30 mins. It's as if the warm up lines whispser to me, "Look, your warm ups are fun to look at, so who cares if the middle sketch sucks." I've found power in Devon's wisdom. Just to be pedantic, the little guy on day one was drawn before I read the article. I just grabbed that sheet when I started my experimentation in warming up. (I wonder if I should also do a cool down and stretch after each "workout" :P)

01.06 Day 1, part 1

01.06 Day 1, part 2

 01.07 Day 2

01.08 Day 3

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