Monday, March 31, 2014

Next! (Warm Ups Vol. 1.25)

Week 2 of the McMooc has started. More homework for me. If you need a distraction from homework, or anything really, then go watch Space Janitors. I find this show quite humorous and they are in the process of making season 3. Sweet.

Keep the pencil on the paper!

03.20 Day 74 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing or Dynamic Anatomy (I don't remember)

03.21 Day 75 - Sans ref

03.22 Day 76 - Study from Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pitch It (Warm Ups Vol. 1.24)

I've been fairly busy the past couple of weeks. Ya, it happens. One of many things on my over sized plate is the MOOC launched. In the first week of the course I've done some reading, attended a course hangout to listen to a panel of industry experts, met virtually with 2 of the people in my assigned group (one from Serbia, one from Iraq... very cool) and produced my comic book idea pitch (one of the assignments for week 1).

Here's my pitch... and some daily sketches (day 72 was a warm up / concept sketch for my story idea)

Young Aamav defies the antiquated laws of the land unleashing the wrath of a mighty sea kraken upon his island home

Draw like you mean it!

03.17 Day 71 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing

03.18 Day 72 - Sans ref

03.19 Day 73 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing or Dynamic Anatomy (I don't remember)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yes Dice (Warm Ups Vol. 1.23)

I ordered a buttocks-load of dice. I plan to roll lots of them. Lots! It's going to be pure random chaos fun. I can't wait. Oh, and McMooc launches in like 12 hrs. Woot!

Keep the pencil on the paper!

03.14 Day 68 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

03.15 Day 69 - Sans ref

03.16 Day 70 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing

Monday, March 17, 2014

Blarney! (Warm Ups Vol. 1.22)

Lego's are cool. Castles are cool. Lego castles are ubercool. Check out this guy's website: Bob Carney. Each castle link has a little bit of history to go with it and the build's are awesome. I assume he tears them down after he's done so he can build the next one. That.. to me, is heart breaking. All in the name of progress! Tear it down to build it anew. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Draw like you mean it!
03.11 Day 65 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

03.12 Day 66 - Sans ref, power deodorant!

03.13 Day 67 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

Thursday, March 13, 2014

T-Minus Nine (Warm Ups Vol. 1.21)

Only Nine days remain until the McMooc launches. I better read the required pre-read material. What Is a Graphic Novel by Jessica Abel and Taste Vs. Ability by Ira Glass and Mark Leutke. Well, I've already read the second article, but I'll re-read the pre-read. That's right. Over achiever here.

Keep the pencil on the paper!

03.08 Day 62 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

03.09 Day 63 - Sans ref, sans flesh

03.10 Day 64 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

Monday, March 10, 2014

Yet Another (Warm Ups Vol. 1.20)

It's late. Or early. You pick. Here's the latest dailies. Enjoy.

Draw like you mean it!

03.05 Day 59 - Clothing study from Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

03.06 Day 60 - Sans ref, making stuff

03.07 Day 61 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Buzz Kill! (Warm Ups Vol 1.19)

I decided to deviate from my usual format and post four warm ups this go. Why? Just cause. Also, in the comments on my previous post, Mark from Random Diversions challenged me to draw the sword of bees. Hmm.. a plain two-handed sword. Plain is my speciality! Trying to learn something in the process I decided to use a reference. Credit to Space Mullet by the extremely talented Daniel Warren Johnson. Click the Space Mullet  link and start reading. See if you can find the image I used as reference (it shouldn't be hard). I'm up to chapter 2 and it's been a really good read so far. Really good! Also, you can learn more about the man behind the comic on this podcast. Seems like a pretty cool dude.

Keep the pencil on the paper!

03.01 Day 55 - Clothing study from Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

03.02 Day 56 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

03.03 Day 57 - Sans ref, looks relaxing, no?

03.04 Day 58 - Awesome study from Space Mullet. Behold, the sword of bees

Saturday, March 1, 2014

One More Drop (Warm Ups Vol. 1.18)

Here's another drop in the draw bucket

Draw like you mean it!

02.26 Day 52 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

02.27 Day 53 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

02.28 Day 54 - Sans ref, "Got Oil?" - inspired by The Wilds, Random Diversions