Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Overtaken! (Warm Ups Vol. 1.17)

This is my 23rd post of 2014. February is nearly done and I've already had more posts this trip around Sol than all of 2013. I also passed the fifty day mark for consecutive days of drawing. I'm feeling pretty good about twenty-fourteen so far. Alright. All done stroking the ego. Back to work!

Keep the pencil on the paper!

02.23 Day 49 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

02.24 Day 50 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

02.25 Day 51 - Sans ref

Monday, February 24, 2014

And It's Gone (Warm Ups Vol. 1.16)

I think I had an idea for some words to go with this installment of my daily sketches.... but whatever it was, it pulled an Elvis and has left the building. I should really jot down a note when ideas come to me. Yah I know, further proof that I'm getting old. If only I had set a goal to draw every day a couple of decades ago.

Draw like you mean it!

02.20 Day 46, part 1 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

02.20 Day 46, part 2 -  Vehicle study from Draw 50 Airplanes, Aircraft, and Spacecraft

02.21 Day 47 - Character study from Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

02.22 Day 48 - Sans ref, goat man thingy.. inspired by Random Diversions

Friday, February 21, 2014

Edumacation For Free (Warm Ups Vol. 1.15)

Wish there was a professional level course available on the topic of comic creation? Wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg? Wish granted. Go sign up for the McMooc. It is slated to begin the later part of March. I guarantee it'll be worth every penny (at the very least- did I mention it's completely gratis?).

Keep the pencil on the paper!

02.17 Day 43 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing

02.18 Day 44 - Character study from Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

02.19 Day 45 - Sans, ref. "Psuedo-Colonists Landing at the Nameless Coast" (Random Diversions

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Page Dos (Warm Ups Vol. 1.14)

Page two of Sithrah has been posted. Check it out.

What is Sithrah? It's Jason Brubaker's latest graphic project.

Who is Jason Brubaker you ask?

Why he's the creator of the graphic novel Remind, distributed freely over the web and then later printed into two beautiful hard bound books.

I really loved Remind and so far Sithrah is not disappointing. Beyond all that, Jason is an incredibly nice guy. Back when he was creating Remind and working a full time job, he still found time to get involved with the indy comic community and provided a forum geared towards graphic novel creation. Several months past, Jason realized he didn't the bandwidth to really push the community as he envisioned so he handed over the reins to an entire team of awesome people, who are now running

So in a way, Jason is partially-indirectly responsible for my two month daily sketching routine.

Draw like you mean it!

02.14 Day 40 - Happy Valentines Day! (I suppose I should've posted this sooner)

02.15 Day 41 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing

02.16 Day 42 - Sans ref

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's A Bit Drafty (Warm Ups Vol. 1.13)

If you ever feel like your creative skills are not where you'd like them to be (guilty as charged), you should read this article: Drafting Work Towards Completion (and watch the accompanying videos). It's Brilliant. So brilliant, it might make you cry. It's ok. Let it out.

Keep the pencil on the paper!

02.11 Day 37 - Figure study from Complete Guide To Drawing

02.12 Day 38 - Sans ref, an attempt to visualize Elysia from Team Adventure (daddy grognard)

02.13 Day 39 - Still life study from Complete Guide to Drawing

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ketchup! (Warm Ups Vol. 1.12)

Nothing to see here.. well, except the images. Posting some more warm up sketches to "resync" the blog.

Draw like you mean it!

02.08 Day 34 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

02.09 Day 35 - Sans ref, statue man!

02.10 Day 36 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Misplaced Time (Warm Ups Vol. 1.11)

I'm not entirely sure what happened to the time between this post and the previous one. What do they call it when someone is abducted by aliens and has no memory of anything from point A to point B? Lost Time? I think Minecraft PE might have something to do with it. I'm not supposed to be doing this anyway (such a rebel). According to the latest MakingComics podcast I'm breaking the rules by sharing my sketch work. Devin shares a multitude of savvy suggestions for improving the draw skill. I plan to re-listen and put some of his advice into practice at some point. But first things first- play a little catch up and bring the blog back up to speed.

Keep the paper on the pencil!

02.05 Day 31 - Character study from Complete Guide to Drawing

02.06 Day 32 - Sans reference, it is what it is

02.07 Day 33 - Character study from Complete Guide to Drawing

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is it Worth it? (Warm Ups Vol. 1.10)

It's been 30 days of warm ups. Has it helped? I like to think so. Practice makes perfect, right? Even if it isn't reality, I feel like I'm making progress. At some point I intend to spend more time drawing digitally, but for now I'll keep it old school and use the wooden stick on the fibrous sheets.

Draw like you mean it!

02.02 Day 28 - Portrait study from Complete Guide to Drawing

02.03 Day 29 - sans reference, just me and the paper

02.04 Day 30 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

Monday, February 3, 2014

Recalibration (Warm Ups Vol. 1.9)

Instead of reserving Fridays for creative (vs. reference) drawings, I'm going to adjust the schedule. I want to try crafting a pure imaginary image once every three days. I'll draw two daily pictures from reference followed by a work straight out of that strange area known as "my brain". Of course, this scheme may change tomorrow, but until otherwise notified, that is the plan of attack.

And in other news, I never made it to the art store. The wife did make it to Walmart however and picked up a 100 page sketch pad for me. It's lighter weight paper than my last pad. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. Ask me again 99 pages from now.

Keep the pencil on the paper!

01.30 Day 25 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

01.31 Day 26 - Freestyle, Wacom Intuos P&TSketchbook Pro 6
02.01 Day 27 - Character Study from Create Fantasy FiguresWacom Intuos P&TSketchbook Pro 6