Monday, February 3, 2014

Recalibration (Warm Ups Vol. 1.9)

Instead of reserving Fridays for creative (vs. reference) drawings, I'm going to adjust the schedule. I want to try crafting a pure imaginary image once every three days. I'll draw two daily pictures from reference followed by a work straight out of that strange area known as "my brain". Of course, this scheme may change tomorrow, but until otherwise notified, that is the plan of attack.

And in other news, I never made it to the art store. The wife did make it to Walmart however and picked up a 100 page sketch pad for me. It's lighter weight paper than my last pad. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. Ask me again 99 pages from now.

Keep the pencil on the paper!

01.30 Day 25 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

01.31 Day 26 - Freestyle, Wacom Intuos P&TSketchbook Pro 6
02.01 Day 27 - Character Study from Create Fantasy FiguresWacom Intuos P&TSketchbook Pro 6

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