Thursday, February 20, 2014

Page Dos (Warm Ups Vol. 1.14)

Page two of Sithrah has been posted. Check it out.

What is Sithrah? It's Jason Brubaker's latest graphic project.

Who is Jason Brubaker you ask?

Why he's the creator of the graphic novel Remind, distributed freely over the web and then later printed into two beautiful hard bound books.

I really loved Remind and so far Sithrah is not disappointing. Beyond all that, Jason is an incredibly nice guy. Back when he was creating Remind and working a full time job, he still found time to get involved with the indy comic community and provided a forum geared towards graphic novel creation. Several months past, Jason realized he didn't the bandwidth to really push the community as he envisioned so he handed over the reins to an entire team of awesome people, who are now running

So in a way, Jason is partially-indirectly responsible for my two month daily sketching routine.

Draw like you mean it!

02.14 Day 40 - Happy Valentines Day! (I suppose I should've posted this sooner)

02.15 Day 41 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing

02.16 Day 42 - Sans ref

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