Monday, March 4, 2013


I attacked the dwarven problem this weekend.  Here's another pass. I found a decent reference to plagiarize and the result is bounds better than my previous attempts. I think the angle of the shield is off, but I didn't want to distort the icon. Probably should have used my circle ruler thingy too. Hindsight!

I also spent some time wrestling my scanner (plustek optic slim 2420+) in order to make capturing my doodlings more convenient  Turns out my scanner doesn't play very nice with windows 7 (even after downloading the supposed windows 7 driver from their site). I ended up giving up and just booted into XP to use it. Kind of a pain, but still better than using a camera to digitize my scrawlings.


  1. Thanks! I appreciate the kind words. In fact I'm going to take a level and advance my self-assessment from Horrible (aka Terrible) to Poor. :) stats-and-such

    1. Oops, Sorry Mark. I deleted your deleted comment, which had the side effect of deleting the reply you made to your deleted comment. I swear interwebbers.. I'm not talking to myself! Or am I?

  2. Next time I'm not going to be so grammar-conscious. :D

  3. Ah grammar, my old nemesis. Next time I'll think twice when the pop up warns me I'm about to delete something forever.