Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dwarven Commission

A buddy of mine (quite possible the only other person who will ever view this blog) has commissioned me to produce a drawing of a dwarven adventurer. The down side of coming to me for a commission is I'm a fairly horrible artist. But on the upside, that means I'm also horribly inexpensive.

Here are some rough sketches I produced. I used my nexus 7 to photo the drawings, as I was too lazy to get my scanner hooked up and working. Taking pictures with the nexus 7 is an adventure in and of itself. Now I know why they don't ship with a camera launcher app (I grabbed one from the app store).  As my final defense, let it be known these sketches were done without any reference whatsoever (which is never a good idea for those, such as I, who have not honed their artistry to mastery)


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