Friday, March 28, 2014

Pitch It (Warm Ups Vol. 1.24)

I've been fairly busy the past couple of weeks. Ya, it happens. One of many things on my over sized plate is the MOOC launched. In the first week of the course I've done some reading, attended a course hangout to listen to a panel of industry experts, met virtually with 2 of the people in my assigned group (one from Serbia, one from Iraq... very cool) and produced my comic book idea pitch (one of the assignments for week 1).

Here's my pitch... and some daily sketches (day 72 was a warm up / concept sketch for my story idea)

Young Aamav defies the antiquated laws of the land unleashing the wrath of a mighty sea kraken upon his island home

Draw like you mean it!

03.17 Day 71 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing

03.18 Day 72 - Sans ref

03.19 Day 73 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing or Dynamic Anatomy (I don't remember)

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