Thursday, March 6, 2014

Buzz Kill! (Warm Ups Vol 1.19)

I decided to deviate from my usual format and post four warm ups this go. Why? Just cause. Also, in the comments on my previous post, Mark from Random Diversions challenged me to draw the sword of bees. Hmm.. a plain two-handed sword. Plain is my speciality! Trying to learn something in the process I decided to use a reference. Credit to Space Mullet by the extremely talented Daniel Warren Johnson. Click the Space Mullet  link and start reading. See if you can find the image I used as reference (it shouldn't be hard). I'm up to chapter 2 and it's been a really good read so far. Really good! Also, you can learn more about the man behind the comic on this podcast. Seems like a pretty cool dude.

Keep the pencil on the paper!

03.01 Day 55 - Clothing study from Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

03.02 Day 56 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Anatomy

03.03 Day 57 - Sans ref, looks relaxing, no?

03.04 Day 58 - Awesome study from Space Mullet. Behold, the sword of bees