Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tax Day (Warm Ups Vol. 1.27)

I want to wish everyone (at least every law abiding U.S. Citizen) a happy tax day... but, it's tax day. There's no happy in Tax. I probably wouldn't feel so bad about paying taxes if there wasn't so much waste involved with our so called government. See! See what tax day has done to me? Now I'm waxing political! And Chipotle doesn't even give out free burritos on tax day anymore! Here... I'll defer ranting with some arts.

Keep the pencil on the paper!

03.26 Day 80 - Anatomy study from Dynamic Figure Drawing or Dynamic Anatomy (I don't remember)

03.27 Day 81 - Sans ref, or reason.. really

03.28 Day 82 - Sans ref, just a guy

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  1. Oh I guess all that Tax Day whining was unwarranted. By the time i hit publish.. tax day was already over.