Wednesday, August 28, 2013

RPG's Are Fun

Recently I convinced a good buddy of mine to start playing a PBem rpg with me.  He's a regular to table top gaming and his group typically sticks to dungeons and dragons 3.5 (as far as I know). I've been having a lot of fun sending emails back and forth co-creating a fun story with a close friend (which is the essence of rpg gaming). It's quite entertaining writing campy dialogue in a fantasy setting, crafting a unique and engaging (at least engaging to us) story.


  1. You should share some of your adventures here. Are you just freeform roleplaying?

    1. Hi Tyler, thanks for the suggestion. I've considered posting about our email game but right now we're playing a couple of published modules so I'm reluctant to put up too much detail. Maybe I'll do a recap with a spoiler alert (Not that I have that many readers but I'd hate to spoil anything for even one)