Monday, July 1, 2013


Look at me ma.. two hands! That's the opposite of the, 'look ma, no hands' exclamation. That's correct. I'm typing this post with both paws (albeit the right appendage is still extremely stiff and swollen and typing is awkward).

It's taking a long time to recover from my malady but in the words of my surgeon, "It was a devastating injury." I didn't quite understand what he meant until, while looking at my rebuilt joint on his fluoroscope I asked, "now which bone was the dislocated one?" His reply, "Pretty much all of them". My Scaphoid was crushed, the lunate shoved into the carpal tunnel, and the rest of them pushed dorsally out of place. My response... "Oh." I didn't fully understand just how jacked my arm was until we had that little conversation.

However, It's time I stop using this injury as a mental crutch to avoid posting. Being able to use both hands to type actually helps immensely with motivation. I've also been deterred from blogging by my recent addiction to several fantastic OSR blogs (and all their back posts- see the list of blogs I follow for more info)

Which brings us to my next experiment in blogging: solo dungeoneering. I've been inspired to do me some solo gaming since I lack a suitable group. I plan to split my solitaire rpg escapades into a separate blog so as not to clutter up this space anymore that it already is. I'll be looking at this venture as an opportunity to learn various game systems as well as fuel some creative writing. It should be horrible fun.

Tally Ho!

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